About Me

My name is Maksym Shalenyi and I'm a Python Web Full Stack Developer.

I love everything that goes about Python, Open Source, Web Services and Linux.

I've been doing web development for many years and some of the projects was really challenging. I'm not actually sure what should I write here, but I kind of proud of that I have started as Plone developer and got I chance to be a part of amazing community. I guess I was quite lucky with my first employment, because I've started my career at company that mainly does  Plone development.

What else? My favorite framework is pyramid and I'm a big fun of component architecture and keeping different things separately. I don't like when people use pip as for both version and dependencies management at same time without splitting different types of dependencies; also I'm a big fan of zc.buildout.

Also I Iove to ride the bicycle and travel :)

You can find me on Github


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